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President Biden makes the same military mistakes over and over

To the Editor:

President Joe Biden is now having problems with Houthis Terrorists operating in The Mideast. More specifically, Yemen, a long troubled country in The Mideast that occupies a border with Saudi Arabia.
Who are the Houthis? A “former” designated / re-designated terrorist group occupying the country of Yemen. The Houthis were originally designed a terrorist group by President Trump just prior to leaving office. Additionally, Saudi Arabia, occupying the border with Yemen, had singularly been engaged in air and ground operations against the Houthis. Thus suppressing the Houthis terrorist activities in the region.
However, President Biden, immediately upon assuming the Presidency, in his infinite wisdom, opened our Southern border, and removed the terrorist designation from the Houthis. Worse yet, he pressured the Saudi Arabia to curtail their military operations against the Houthis.
This is the same Joe Biden, who was the “singular” vote in the White House situation room, to call for the pull out (Bug Out) of the Navy SEALS, the night they closed in and killed Osama Bin Laden. This is the same Joe Biden that ordered the “Bug Out” from Afghanistan leaving behind billions in military equipment and causing the deaths of our military personnel. This is the same Joe Biden who told our military, and in fact, ordered our military to rely on our enemy – The Talaban for their security during the “Bug Out” from Afghanistan.
This is also, the same Joe Biden who told us after the “Bug Out” from Afghanistan, that the “Bug Out” was a “successful operation”. If this is success, what is failure to this man?
Now we are learning, that the same Joe Biden has sent numerous U.S. Navy war ships, including aircraft carriers and Air Force combat aircraft to the Mideast to militarily suppress the Houthis, as well as Iran backed terrorists, who are launching drones and missiles on our military personnel, as well as shipping traversing these waters.
And yes, this is the same President Biden, who has ‘Now’ decided that President Trump was correct, the Houthis are indeed terrorists and belatedly re-designated them Terrorists. Of course, President Biden has sent our military in to suppress the Houthis. (At least we are not going there, at least at this time, to “bring Democracy”. See Vietnam and Afghanistan for those years-long failures.)
Joe maybe late to the party, but he has the bad habit of making the same mistakes! Wondering, does he have anymore “Bug Out” strategies?

Charles Grant
Village of Caroline


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