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The Villages
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Biden’s sinking poll numbers at bottom of desperate border bill

To the Editor:

Well here it is folks: the Democrats looked at Biden’s recent polling numbers, and what did they see? Even on NBC polling data Biden was sinking, not like a rock, but more like a Bolder. Biden was down 35 points to Trump on the border! Oh, what to do? Democrat Senator Schumer enlisted the help of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell (No friend of Trump) and concocted the alleged bipartisan “Secure on the border act of 2023.” What is in this 300-page iceberg? The bill will spend and add to our current $34 trillion dollar debt, a mere, $118 billion dollars! And what goes to our Border, $20 Billion. But what else is lurking in the ice? $60 Billion dollars for the Ukraine War (Compliments of “Bug Out Joe’s’’ successful Afghanistan withdrawal) and $14 billion for Israel. The Ukraine border is obviously more important than our border, in fact triple.
Again, recall over the last three years Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas repeatedly and repeatedly assured us that our border was secure! Notwithstanding, these assurances, Texas elected to erect wire and insert the National Guard. What was Biden’s immediate response to Texas’ action? Sue in the U.S. Supreme Court to remove the wire and threatened to Nationalize the Texas Guard. So why the instant change in Biden border policy? Election time is a coming!

Charles Grant
Village of Caroline


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