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Let’s get it straight on who tried to improve VA benefits

VA roots can be traced back to the 1636 war between the pilgrims and Pequot Indians. In 1811 the first VA Medical Facility was established. In 1930, President Hoover elevated the Veterans Bureau to a federal Level. (Ref. www.vahistorydepartment.va.gov.)

Fast forward, on August 7th, 2014, it was President Obama who signed into law the Veterans Access Choice Act of 2014 (Vets Choice Act) — NOT Trump. Mr. Trump claimed false and mistruths about the Vets Choice Act and continued making false claims about it more than 156 times. (Ref. www.apnews.comwww.phs.org, and www.washingtonpost.com.)

The late Senator John McCain, Rep. Sam Johnson and Sen. Dan Akaka, all three deceased war veterans, co-sponsored the Vets Choice Act. We are grateful for their service and “May they Rest in Peace.”

On June 6th, 2018 former President Trump did enhance VA benefits through the Mission Act, which the late Senator John McCain was also instrumental in getting passed. Yet, Mr. Trump, continued to call Mr. McCain, who spent 5 ½ years as a POW in a cage in North Vietnam, a “loser”. To date, Mr. Trump shows no remorse for his statements. Do you really believe that someone with so little empathy towards another fellow human being is fit to lead our honorable military forces and this country?

On August 10th, 2022 President Biden also significantly enhanced VA benefits as he signed into law the historic Burn Pit Act (PACT Act), which was introduced by Representative Takano. It is interesting to note, that President Biden has always called Mr. McCain a good friend, a Republican friend.

They say what goes around comes around and that dishonest acts against other people eventually catch up to the offender. Mr. Trump is facing 91 indictments and has already been found guilty in a civil sexual attack case as well as a fraud case in his business dealings in New York. Perhaps, it is this “loser’s” turn now.

In closing, as a veteran, who served 40 years in the military, I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and to follow the rule of law and, thereby, protecting our Democracy. I DO EXPECT OUR LEADERS TO DO THE SAME! Thanks to our military and veterans we still have a Democracy.

This year we all have an important choice to make. Let’s make it wisely!

Chief Warrant Officer 4 William Grosjean, retired, is a resident of the Village of Hillsborough.

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