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Local dragon boaters bring home awards from Clermont boat festival

Several Grand Masters Dragon Boat club teams participated this month in the Clermont Waterfront Dragon Boat Festival hosted by Mad Dragon Foundation on Lake Minneola.

Five of the 20 teams participating in the festival were from the Villages Grand Masters Dragon Boat Club. All five GMDBC teams competed in the championship races after two qualifying runs. 

The Village Dragons
The Village Dragons

The conditions were extremely difficult and the races had to be postponed for 30 minutes to allow the wind conditions to calm down. 

The Leatherneck Warriors Senior Open team made up of 20 men won the Gold medal with an impressive time of 1:20.58 for the 350 meter race.

The Leatherneck Warriors
The Leatherneck Warriors

The Blackheart men and women brought home a Gold medal in the 20-paddler Senior Mixed race with a time just over one minute at 1:23.71, with the Eastport Sun Dragons right behind them earning Silver with a time of 1:24.05. The Silver Dragons finished 3rd for the Bronze in that event with a time of 1:28.45. The Village Dragons also completed the race with a team best time of 1:34.42.

The GMDBC teams were also very well represented in the Senior Women’s 20-paddler race with the Blackhearts team gaining Silver in their 20-paddler race posting a time of 1:30.52; followed closely by the Leatherneck Warriors at 1:31.49 in fourth place and the Silver Dragons just behind them at 1:35.86.

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