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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Middle class Americans would be hit hard by Trump’s tariffs

To the Editor:

A new analysis by the Petersen Institute for International Economics has determined that disgraced, convicted sexual assaulter, and indicted former President Trump’s planned trade policies, centered on aggressive tariffs “would reduce after-tax incomes by 3.5 percent for those in the bottom half of the income distribution and cost a typical household in the middle of the income distribution about $1,700 in increased taxes each year. If executed, these steps would increase the distortions and burdens created by the rounds of tariffs levied during the first Trump administration, while inflicting massive collateral damage on the U.S. economy.”
Many Republican voters fail to recognize that import tariffs are paid for by consumers through increased purchase prices, not the exporting country’s government.

Ralph Bennett
Village of Osceola Hills


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