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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Don’t make fun of me for wanting good customer service

To the Editor:

This goes out to all of you like to poke fun of people you don’t know. First of all, Robin, you know nothing about me. If you bought a product that didn’t work would you return it? What if they said
Sorry we can’t. So you think they are doing this for free?
The folks that deliver The Villages Daily Sun took this job, they know what is expected of them. And they get paid to do this. Years ago they would replace the paper. As far as looking at the weather map, this also is part of their job, the weather is a big factor. A job done well, is a job done right
So tell me Robin what do you do if you get a wet newspaper? What if you get a wet paper for a few days in a row? I called and asked if they can toss it on my lawn. No dice

Roy Schwartz
Village of Summerhill


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