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The Villages
Saturday, June 15, 2024

We are getting a lot for our amenity fees

To the Editor:

Amenity fees 18 years ago, were around $130.The fees have only increased $50 in that time. We have every amenity we can think of. This is the cheapest amenities I have ever heard of. Thank you to the Morse family for the best community in America!
Love this place and lucky to live here. I am 87 years old and never plan to leave until the man upstairs calls my name.

Bud Collins
Village of Mallory Square


We need someone younger to represent us in Congress

A Village of Orange Blossom Gardens resident is disgusted with Congressman Webster celebrating the endorsement of former President Trump. She says we need someone younger to represent us in Congress.

Here’s how voters can get around the Developer’s dirty trick

A Village of Dunedin resident offers guidance on how Sumter County voters can get around the Developer’s dirty trick.

Developer’s offspring should change last name to Putin

A Village of St. Charles resident, in a Letter to the Editor, suggests the Developer’s offspring change their last name to “Putin.”

Grateful to write-in candidates

The Sumter County Republican Party chairman writes that she is “grateful” to write-in candidates in the Sumter Commission race.

We need to adjust hours for entertainment at town squares

A Village of Richmond resident is calling for an adjustment of the hours for entertainment at the town squares. Read her Letter to the Editor.