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Villager arrested after alleged sexual attack on Historic Side of The Villages

Thomas Joseph Culve
Thomas Joseph Culver

A Villager was arrested after an alleged sexual attack on a woman on the Historic Side of The Villages.

Thomas Joseph Culver, 53, who lives in the Village of Silver Lake, is facing charges of burglary and sexual battery following his arrest Thursday by the Lady Lake Police Department.

Culver had been out to dinner with the woman and they drove back to his home at 1234 Dustin Drive. He began pressuring her to perform oral sex on him, the report said. She refused and began to walk home. Culver began following her in his car. She eventually got into his car and they sat for some time in the vehicle in her driveway. However, she got out and went into her home where she locked the door. Culver broke into her residence by breaking the door frame. He got on top of her on a bed. The Missouri native removed the woman’s knee brace and her pants. He began to sexually batter her, but she was able to kick him and ran outside. She began calling for someone to call 911. The woman was “crying and shaking” when officers arrived on the scene.

Culver, who was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence in 2021at Lake Sumter Landing, was taken into custody and booked on $100,000 bond at the Lake County Jail.

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