Villages Photos by Ron Clark

  • Early morning photographer at Sharon Rose Wiechens Preserve
  • Village of Collier at sunrise in The Villages
  • Dense fog on Lake Sumter in The Villages
  • Sunrise peeking through the foliage at Lake Sumter Landing
  • Best friends sitting quietly at the entrance to Glenview pond
  • A walking bridge in Spanish Springs in The Villages
  • Pair of Red-shouldered Hawks with one giving the raspberry
  • Even gators take an afternoon nap in The Villages
  • Who will find breakfast first in The Villages?
  • Don’t retrieve golf balls in hazards marked by red stakes
  • Ready for breakfast at Evan’s Prairie Country Club
  • Sunrise at Golf View Park behind Paradise Recreation Center
  • Predawn at Spanish Springs Town Square in The Villages
  • Before sunrise on the boardwalk at Lake Sumter Landing
  • Mourning Doves enjoying their day together in The Villages

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Tonight’s Entertainment at the Squares

Tonight’s Live Entertainment

Street Talk Band

Brownwood Paddock Square  |  5:00 PM

Market Night with Steel Horse Band

Lake Sumter Landing Market Square  |  5:00 PM

Dream Journey Duo

Spanish Springs Town Square  |  5:00 PM

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