Villages Photos by Ron Clark

  • Eastern Giant Swallowtail Butterfly nibbling on flowers in The Villages
  • Sunrise shining through Live Oak Tree draped in Spanish Moss
  • Visitors enjoying the Sandhill Cranes in The Villages
  • Cruising at sunset on Lake Sumter Landing in The Villages
  • Chilly morning for a walk at sunrise on the boardwalk
  • Colorful sunrise with Muhly Grass over Laurel Valley Golf Course
  • A steamy early morning on Lake Sumter in The Villages
  • Sunrise through the trees at the Savannah Center
  • Golfer traveling over Glenbrook Bridge for a round of golf
  • Sunrise behind the Collier Pool in The Villages
  • After the fog wore off at Lake Sumter Landing
  • A gecko playing peek-a-boo in The Villages
  • The fog lifting at morning sunrise over Lake Sumter today
  • A curious squirrel in The Villages
  • Decorations at Lake Sumter Landing for Oktoberfest Parade

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Tonight’s Entertainment at the Squares

Tonight’s Live Entertainment


Brownwood Paddock Square  |  5:00 PM

Market Night with Buzzy J and The Verbs

Lake Sumter Landing Market Square  |  5:00 PM

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