Villages Photos by Ron Clark

  • A Zebra Longwing Butterfly on a firecracker plant
  • Great Blue Heron enjoying the boardwalk in The Villages
  • Four baby ducks huddled together in The Villages
  • Sunrise and shadows on the Polo Fields in The Villages
  • Sunrise over Oakleigh Executive Golf Course in Calumet Grove
  • Bald Eagle ready to dine on a fish
  • Sunrise over Laurel Valley Golf Course in The Villages
  • A young Bald Eagle next to Torri Pines fairway
  • Foggy morning on Lake Sumter Landing boardwalk in The Villages
  • Sandhill Cranes and chicks entertaining a group in The Villages
  • Great Blue Heron feeding her chicks in The Villages
  • Dragon boat crew running on boardwalk to warm up
  • Golfers at Cane Garden warming up at sunrise
  • A Sandhill Crane colt tries eating a worm
  • A family enjoying Lake Sumter Landing in The Villages

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Tonight’s Entertainment at the Squares

Tonight’s Live Entertainment

The 45s

Brownwood Paddock Square  |  5:00 PM

Market Night with Akangana – Cinco de Mayo

Lake Sumter Landing Market Square  |  5:00 PM

Ravelli – Cinco de Mayo

Spanish Springs Town Square  |  5:00 PM

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